[INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF INDIA]                                                    Govt. of India Registered Trust, Works Related to Information Technology & HRD

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी विकास परिषद, भारत

About Us:

INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF INDIA” IIT Development Council of India: IITDCI is a Non-Profit Making Organization, a registered trust of Government of India( IT IS NOT GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION ), founded by the associationof IT Consultants, Educationists, Professionals, Scientists, Social Workers, and like Minded People and linked directly & indirectly with IT & ITES globally.

           The Objective is to expand and develop Information Technology (IT) Pan India & in other countries, which is achieved by voluntary involvement of the members at National and International forum and gain substantially by sharing & exchanging worthwhile experiences in the related development Areas / Fields at respective levels. Business and Trade links are available for the members in Software and IT Services to enhance the resources in Software Technology Industry.

             Internationally IT Facilities, Infrastructure, Training and Education is available only for privileged few and for developed cities-societies only ... Since two decades in Information Technology and in Computer Education, tremendous changes have taken place and for everybody various services have become so simplified and easy to implement and to utilize with many State Governments and GOI taking it up in right earnest and PM of India being IT friendly, giving much weight-age / emphasis on IT Services, although in most of the countries on average @ less (<) than 25% Population only has benefited from IT services and getting proper computer education.

          Information Technology Education plays a vital role to equip workforce to deliver the expected performance in all the sectors including Social-Environmental of the world. Academics experts are of the opinion that the formation of Quality IT World is only essentially possible, through Research & Development. The latest & cost effective Technology shall enable and streamline World Class Education to attain proficiency in the selected Professional Field by the participant. IITDCI facilitates Research & Development in the field of IT through active participation of Institutes, Corporate, Professionals, Industries, Entrepreneurs, and Students at National and Global Level.

            “Research & Development is the Life line of Information Technology” International INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Development Council of India-IITDCI is an Intensive and Extensive platform of Members and an Organization of great diversity, which leads through presenting Innovative Educational Technology Books and Programs; conducting professional development Workshops, Forums, and Symposia; and Researching, Evaluating, and disseminating findings regarding IT education at an International Level. IITDCI is a Non-Profit Membership Organization that provides leadership and service to improve Teaching, Learning, and School Leadership by advancing the effective use of technology.

           IITDCI provides Educational Services to students from early stage – primary school onwards with the help of Innovative Educational Technology Books and Programs. Special Computer Literacy Programs for Adults, School Students, College Students and others & Aims to update their knowledge by our Innovative Technology Education, Training and through our other Creative Projects.

          We select from every School, College and from other Institutions some extraordinarily bright & creative thinking students from early stage-age and support them in preparing different types of Applications / Projects and help them through various programs conducted by us. Also, we help selected students financially through IITDCI Scholarships and through our Internship Programs; we try to arrange Sponsors to students for their higher studies and for preparing new Projects.

            With the help of Government of India and other supporting Organizations in other countries, we plan to expand / promote Training and Education for all categories of Students / Common People. Our journey starts from India and in nearby future, we plan to expand our service all over the world. IITDCI will surely act as a great Impetus, Boost, Inspiration, Motivation and Attraction to billions of student community, and we extend warm welcome to all into the IITDCI family to be an associate, Students, Members, Volunteers and Officials of/at IITDCI, in supporting the social & sustainable-development, 21st century cause of this Information Age, which is turning out to be Information Overload and chaos in some respects...

           We welcome everyone to associate with IITDCI and to teeming billions of Students, Professionals, Consultants, Educationists, Scientists, Social Workers, New Age workers and like minded people and engine of growth and vehicle of transformation for New Age and futuristic technological development rooted in social sustainable-environmental-nature-friendly canvas of all-inclusive existence with co-existence, synergy and cooperation ...

               We request everyone to extend goodwill and support to IITDCI and its social, noble and new age objectives and aspirations...


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