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Frequently Asking Questions AND ANSWERS at the Time of Applying for the Project Coordinator Position in "IIT Development Council of India"  (IITDCI)

1) Is “IIT Development Council of India” is a Government Organization?
Ans:  No, it is Not Government Organization, it is a registered trust of Government of India and it is an NGO. For more Details about Organization please Visit Organization “About Us” Page in Our IITDCI Website which is www.iitdci.org

2) Who can apply for the Project Coordinator Position?
Ans:  (A) Any Male or Female can apply with minimum Qualification of 12th Class (10+2) with Computer Knowledge and Applicant must be an Indian Citizen
(B) Age above 19 years
Nativity: Applicants has to stay for last Three Years at same location or in his/her Native place only.
Job location: Applicant Native Place or residence for last Three Years at same location.
“For more details please refer the Proposal Documents of Project Coordinator”.

 3) Physically Challenged Person can apply or not?
Ans:  No, they can not apply.

4) If Physically Challenged Person willing to do then what?
Ans:  If District Coordinator or State Coordinator give reference then application may be considered for further process.
5) What is Project Coordinator?
Ans: Project Coordinator means it is one of the Designations of the IITDCI. The Project Coordinator is also called as IITDCI Team Member. He/She has to work Under District Coordinator and as per the Guidelines of the Organization.

6) What is Project Coordinator Job Responsibility?
Ans: For Every Project Coordinator in his/her MLA Constitution Area (Local Area) some Areas and Places will be allotted in that areas and Places He/She has to visit and explain all IITDCI Projects in Schools/Colleges and Institutions then after as per Organization terms Project Coordinator has to Register School/College and Institutions and also as per the requirement other Activities have to do. Once any School/College Registered with IITDCI then that total School/College Responsibility regarding all the projects taken care by Project Coordinator Only related to all Activities of IITDCI.

7) Where the Position will be allotted?
Ans: Please Read answer of the above question (What is Project Coordinator Job Responsibility?)

8) What is the Registration Fee of Project Coordinator?
Ans: Rs: 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) in the form of Cheque or Demand Draft (D.D) Only. And in the name of “IIT Development Council of India” Payable at Hyderabad Only

9) Demand Draft have to be taken from which Bank?
Ans: Demand Draft can be taken from any Bank.

10) Is Registration Fee of Project Coordinator is Refundable?
Ans: No, registration Fee of Project Coordinator is not refundable or not transferable weather application accepted or rejected.

11) Where should Applicant send the Application and other Required Documents?
Ans: It is already mentioned on Proposal Documents of Project Coordinator.

12) After Receiving Email or Downloading the Application and Proposal Documents of Project Coordinator within how many working days the documents to be sent to IITDCI Head Office?
Ans: Within 10 Working Days Only. After 10 working days the Email/Proposal will be sent to other persons/Applied Candidates if Position of Project Coordinator in that Particular area is still vacant or if anybody not applied.

13) How the Candidate/ Applicant know that the particular area is vacant?
Ans: Visit IITDCI Website and Click /Open on State Wise Team Page in that you can see your State Maps Click on your State Map in that again you can see State Wise Divisions, Select your Division in which Division your District is mentioned, on that Division if you click you came to know that in your District and in your MLA Constitutions how many Members are working. If in your MLA Constitution less than Four Members are working then you can apply
If the Particular area is not Vacant then on IITDCI Website under State Division Page in that particular District or Area “No Vacancy” board will be displayed.

14) In each MLA Constitution or in each District how many Project Coordinator will be Appointed?

(A) In Urban Area (City Location) for every MLA Constitution maximum 10 Project Coordinators will be appointed
(B) In Rural Area (Non City Location) for every MLA Constitution maximum 4 Project Coordinators will be Appointed

15) After Sending Application form and other Documents to IITDCI Head Office (IITDCI H.O) What is the Next Process?
Ans: After receiving your Application Form and other Documents to us within two working days you will get Application Consignment Received Confirmation by E-mail.

16) In How many days the Project Coordinator Selection Process will be done?
Ans: Already mentioned in the Proposal Document of Project Coordinator regarding Selection Process.

17) Will the Applicant get 100% sure Job?
Ans: No, Based on Applicant Communication Skills and based on Verification Report, Applicant Selection Process will be done.

18) How will be the Verification Process of Project Coordinator?
Ans: IITDCI Team Members will do Verification Process as per Organization requirement.

19) Is there any recommendation or reference require to become Project Coordinator?
Ans: IITDCI will not accept any type of recommendations but if District Coordinator or State Coordinator gives any reference regarding any candidate/Applicant then IITDCI give first preference for the selection process.

20) On which bases the Application will be rejected?
Ans: If all the required Documents are not submitted or If the Application form is incompletely filled, then application form will be rejected for further process.

21) After Registration Fee and Completion of Selection Process does Project Coordinator need to pay any other Payment or Fees?
Ans: No

22) What are the Documents to be sent and How?
Ans: Please refer Proposal.

23) Will there be any Training Program?
Ans: After selection process it will be intimated.

24) Is it Permanent Or Temporary Or Contract Job?
Ans: It is totally Permanent Only if any person not works as per the Organization Terms then Organization will remove that particular Project Coordinator.

25) How much the Target Project Coordinator Should reach?
Ans: It is based on Project to Project Only.

26) If Project Coordinator does not reach the Target then what OR Fails to reach Target then Project Coordinator won’t get any Salary?
Ans: As per Work done by “Project Coordinator” Organization will decide monthly payment.

27) Is there any fixed Salary for Project Coordinator?
Ans: NO, based on Star Rating Calculation only, Salary/ Any Payment will be fixed based on Project Coordinator Work done Salary/ Any Payment will be decided and Project Coordinator to Project Coordinator Monthly “Salary/ Any Payment”  may be different.

28) Maximum how much Monthly Payment Project Coordinator will get?
Ans: It is totally depends on performance only, If Project Coordinator works regularly as per Terms and Conditions of the Organization for more than one year in all Projects then Project Coordinator can get Monthly Rupees: Fifty Thousand Only (Rs.50,000/-) and Above.

29) If Project Coordinator not reaches the Target in present project, then Project Coordinator should stop working?
Ans: No, not require to stop working, even if Project Coordinator does not reach at least 1% from the given Total Target then also he/she can work for IITDCI’s next project But Project Coordinator has to give proper explanation regarding reason for not to reach the given Target or fail to reach the given Target.  Project Coordinator has to get proper training for next project to achieve any Star Rating or the given Target.

30) If Project Coordinator wants to Leave/Drop/Stop/Quit the Job in the Middle of the Project, can Project Coordinator Leave/Drop/Stop/Quit the Job?
Ans: Yes with proper reason Project Coordinator can leave the Project Coordinator job.
        Project Coordinator has to submit all “reports, documents and any other related to IITDCI” to IITDCI TEAM MEMBER AND IITDCI HEAD OFFICE before Leave/Drop/Stop/Quit the Job.
And also as per the requirements he/she has to keep good communication with all IITDCI Team Members along with IITDCI HEAD OFFICE

31) Is there any Agreement/Bond for the Position of Project Coordinator to do the job/Work for particular Months or Years?
Ans: No

32) What about Travelling Allowance?
Ans: Project Coordinator works in his/her local place only and Project Coordinator him/her self has to arrange.

33) Where to Report about work activity?
Ans: Project Coordinator has to report to DISTRICT COORDINATOR /STATE COORDINATOR and IITDCI H.O.

34) How should Report about work activity?
Ans: By E-mails and Hard Copies as per the requirements of IITDCI H.O

35) Where to Work?
Ans: In your local area Schools, Colleges and Institutions and as per the work given by Team Head/IITDCI H.O

Note: Apart from above Questions if you have any other Question then please send us by Email to clarify your question’s answer. Please send us the Mail for the following

E-Mail ID: admin_india@iitdci.in  and CC to india@iitdci.org

42-747/2/103, 1st Floor, ARC Residency,

Near to Indian Oil Petrol Pump,

S.P. Nagar, Moula-Ali, Hyderabad, India.

PIN CODE: 500040
+91-9246181836, E-Mail: india@iitdci.org

Contact us by phone From Monday to Friday on Working Days only

in Between 10 AM to 5 PM as per INDIAN STANDARD TIME (IST)

Help Line Phone: 0 92 46 18 18 36

Project Coordinator F  A Q and Answers


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