[INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF INDIA]                                                    Govt. of India Registered Trust, Works Related to Information Technology & HRD

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी विकास परिषद, भारत

After School Registration Benefits as Follows:

1) School Registration Fee Rs: 5000/- (Rupees: Five Thousand only) which is paid by School in the form of D.D./Cheque the Amount of Rs: 5000/- (Rupees: Five Thousand only) can deduct from at the time of paying total Student Fee.

For Example: SCHOOL SELECTED category-A and total students 100 then total fees is 350x100=35000/-

school already paid Rs: 5000/- (Rupees: Five Thousand only) so balance fees is only Rs.30,000/-

2) After receiving School Registration Form and School Registration Fee (Clearance of D.D./Cheque only) Verification will be Done then Laminated Authorization Certificate will Issued to the School.

3) IITDCI@SCEP&LSP Flex/Display Board as Authorized School will be fix at School Premises.

4) School can utilize IITDCI Logo in there Promotions and any other related to School Activities.

This project is only for one total academic year of the school

Contact us by phone in Between 10 AM to 5 PM in all Working Days as per INDIAN STANDARD TIME

                  Help Line Phone: 

​                          0 92 46 18 18 36

Department Name                         E-mail ID                                              IITDCI Activity related as Follows

​​National Admin Wing                             admin_india@iitdci.in                                 Soft Copy Documentations and Confirmations

National Accounts Department               accounts_india@iitdci.in                             Financial Transactions

National HR Department                         hr_india@iitdci.in                                        Recruitment

National Examination Department         exams_india@iitdci.in                                 Examinations

National Information Wing                     info1@iitdci.in                                              Receiving Confirmations

National Technical Department              website@iitdci.in                                         Website Related

​National Printing Department                 print@iitdci.in                                              Prints related Posters, Book Materials & Etc..,

National Academic Wing                        academic@iitdci.in                                      Computer Education Division

any other information                             india@iitdci.org                                           any other and for all departments

                                                                            NOTE : CC for every E-mail to india@iitdci.org

IITDCI H.O.: 42-747/2, Flat No.: 103, 1st Floor, ARC Residency, Near to Indian Oil Petrol Pump, S.P. Nagar, Moula-Ali, Hyderabad, India-500040

Phone: +91-9246181836, E-mailindia@iitdci.org

Send all Hard Copies by post or courier to our Head Office for Further Process.

Note: Please Select out of  above 6 any One of the Category or any One of the Program as per your Respective School Desire

school computer education

School Computer Education Program and Life Skills Programs:

Note: Please Select out of  6 any One of the Category or any One of the Program as per your Respective School Desire

Only Life Skills Programs:

Contact us 

This project closed for this academic year 2016, for new academic year 2017 this project will be started from again on 15th September 2016 with some changes as per requirement.


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